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गृहपृष्ठEnglishStandard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCBNL) funds eyecare projects worth NPR 10 million

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCBNL) funds eyecare projects worth NPR 10 million

Kathmandu: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCBNL) has joined hands with the Nepal Eye Programme (Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology) and MITRA Samaj to identify and treat cases of avoidable blindness, cataract and posterior segment eye diseases across all provinces in the country.

The Bank has donated USD 36,434 (NPR 4,790,866) to the Nepal Eye Programme which will be used in the establishment of a Community Eye Centre (CEC) at Nichuta, Parsa, to deliver comprehensive eye care services to the people of Paterwa Sugauli Rural Municipality – 5 and its adjoining rural and urban municipalities. The project will focus on aged people, women, children, people with impairment, and people with disabilities. A total of 7,200 persons will directly benefit from this project such as community eye centres (3,000), community screenings (2,000), school screenings (2,000) and cataract surgeries (200) through the outreach programme in a year.

The donation made to MITRA Samaj USD 51,379 (NPR 6,725,000) will be used for the Cataract Blindness Alleviation Project aimed at identifying cases of avoidable blinding diseases, including cataracts, among the hard-to-reach population (especially 50+years), in priority areas of all provinces of Nepal. 3,000 people are expected to benefit through the screenings, 700-1,000 cataract cases will be identified, 1,500 people with a refractive error are expected to get treated and/or receive reading glasses, and at least 700 cataract cases will be restored with vision through this project.

At the cheque handover event, Harsha Pillai – Head, of Corporate Affairs, Brand and Marketing, Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCBNL) shared, “Through our collaboration with Nepal Eye Programme (Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology) and MITRA Samaj, we endeavour to provide eye care services to those who would not have easy access or cannot afford this treatment. The focus is on early detection of eye ailments, referral, and appropriate treatment. Serving communities will always be at the heart of Standard Chartered.”

Reeta Gurung, Chief Executive Officer of the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology shared, “I want to reassure you that the funds will be well spent for the benefit of the needy people of the Nichuta area”.

Vivek Singh Thakuri, Executive Director of MITRA Samaj shared, “We are super excited to partner with Standard Chartered Bank to identify cases of avoidable blinding diseases and improve people’s vision by organising free Outreach Micro Surgical Eye Clinics (OMSEC). We are looking forward to touching lives positively.”

Eye health care is an essential component of basic health services to be provided to all citizens as stated in the constitution of Nepal. Despite efforts from various stakeholders, vision impairment continues to be a major problem. With this in mind, Standard Chartered Bank has decided to make these significant donations to help provide accessible, affordable and quality eye care in the country.

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